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Project located in the nineteenth district of Paris, near Ourcq - Jaurès, between the Canal de l'Ourcq and the Avenue Jean Jaures, along the Rue de l'Ourcq and the railroad of the small belt.

The site is characterized by, mainly, its high density and heterogeneity, it is divided into parcels for each student. Each parcel will host two housing types, the building and the townhouse.

The aim is to think on different issues such as juxtapositions, overlays, sharing, crossings lots, distributions, combinations, heights, relationships, contexts, adaptations, constraints...



First exercise about organization and distribution of an apartment (logical arrangements, water grouping, day-night partition, lights, orientations...).



Second exercise about a proposal of a townhouse consists of two duplex apartments, all in a dense urban context, in relation to the site of the final subject of the Parisian building.

Thinking on vis-à-vis access to the house and apartments, co-ownerships ...



Last and final exercise, design of a small building of five floors, with several apartments of various types, and a ground floor arranged for shops and other activities.







- ALVAR ALTO (Louis Carré House) [1959]

- LINA BO BARDI (Glass House / Casa de Vidro) [1951]

Software : Rhinoceros3D / ArchiCAD


Teacher : Jean LEONARD

Year : 2 (2012)

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