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Naval Efficiency and Marine Optimization   -   Nemo is a Grasshopper plugin for Ship Design


Nemo is divided in two major parts :

Nemo Analysis, for automatic analysis of ship geometry (licensed)   +   Nemo Designer, which includes several design tools (free)


Nemo Analysis performs hydrostatics computation, silhouette extraction, meshing generation and resistance prediction right inside Rhino.

Sectioning hull into stations - buttocks - waterlines, generating an offset table, or creating cross-sections curves are also embed features.

Interoperability is allowed with external software like NavCad (HydroComp), Mars 2000 (Bureau Veritas) or Excel (Microsoft).

Nemo Designer includes specific tools to create NACA sections and appendages such as hydrofoils, keels (with or without bulb), or even blade propellers.



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