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The wide variety of colors shows the cultural diversity.

- Circles: houses and foundations of the different countries

- Hexagons: stadiums and sports complexes

- Light blue links: large walkways

- Light yellow links: footpaths

- Blue/Yellow Squares: interfaces between lanes/paths

- Blue arrows: outputs to the city

- Dark blue links: exchanges/relations by managers and houses organizers (conferences, exhibitions...)

- Square Links: students-students relationships outside houses

- Arrows to homes: students-students relationships, moving to a house



- Atomic/Molecular system (atomic bonds, electron exchanges, inductive effects, organizations, conformations, molecular interactions...)

- Central/Peripheral nervous system (transmissions, nervous messages exchange...)

- Paris metro map (connections, crossings...)

- Archigram’s works (networks-cities, city as an organism, nomadic-cities...)

- Georges Pompidou’s center (color code, vertical circulations, external...)

- Mondrian’s paintings (graphic style, cubism, colors, solids...)

- Netropolis (saturation of urban streams, overlays, confusion...)


CIUP | Cite Universitaire

Place that receives foreign students, with 120 to 140 different nationalities every year. Therefore it’s a place of exchanges and meetings between these residents came from all over the world.

How to represent this diversity and these cultural exchanges?


Consider a system of networks and connections applied to a fresco representing the plan of the city, each circle being a house or foundation. It reveals the diversity and exchanges between students, in the form of interconnections and flows, as well as the complexity, dynamism, and the life on this site.





- BIOLOGY (Molecular Biology / Neurophysiology)

- STREETART (Seize HappyWallMaker)


- ARCHIGRAM (Plugin-City / Computer City / Living City / City Interchangeable / Walking City) [1963-1965]

- RENZO PIANO (Centre Georges-Pompidou) [1977]

- MONDRIAN (Composition with red yellow and blue) [1921]

- MICHAEL NAJJAR (Netropolis) [2003-2006]

Teacher : Philippe SIMON

Year : 1 (2011)

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