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Clay Pattern

A first experiment design process, through various forms, emerging with spatial qualities, constructive questions...

Working by study of clay cubes, then the elaboration of a path in relation to the topography of the cubes, and finally the establishment of a context/site applied to this topography.

Pattern design from an original cube, after several rehearsals and deformations, we get an assembly of two skins (indoor and outdoor) which form a "building" with its own architectural characteristics.


Surface irregularities from clay cubes form different profiles, placed end to end, will be cut transversely to visualize changes in altitude.

Each track corresponds to a different section and the elevation lines are then transposed onto the partitions to create a melody based on these changes.




PDF Partition | MP3 Song






- ART (Donald Judd / Mark Rothko)

- SCULPTURE (Edouardo Chillida / Tony Cragg)


- BUCKMINSTER FULLER (Dymaxion Map) [1946]

- PEZO VON ELLRICHSHAUSEN (Poli House) [2004-2005]

- OMA | REM KOOLHAAS (Casa de Musica) [2001-2005]

- GORDON MATTA-CLARK (Splitting) [1974]

Software : Rhinoceros3D / SketchUp

Teacher : Pierre DAVID

Year : 1 (2010)

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