Mathieu VENOT

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// Maritime Excellences Center

(ENSTA Bretagne)

Three months tutoring a Junior Entreprise group on multiple ship design loops, for an interactive game simulation.

This game will be exhibit in the Maritime Excellences Center of the Capucins Hall in Brest.

Tools like Rhinoceros 3D / Grasshopper 3D with Orca 3D and Nemo plugins, NavCad resistance and propulsion analysis, GHS stability analysis and Poseidon for structure sizing have been used to generate the data matrix.


Students :

- Maxime LE DOUARIN (FISE_2021)

- Corentin LEMOINE (FISE_2021)

- Jeanne BOUVIER (FISE_2021)

- Loïc LEFEBVRE (CI_2020)


Software : Grasshopper3D  Rhinoceros3D / Nemo / Orca3D / NavCad / GHS / Poseidon

Year : 2019

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