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// Virtual Immersive Architecture

(With Oswald PFEIFFER)

Two days leading the workshop 5 on Design Modelling Symposium Event at Versailles (FR).


Virtual Reality and real-time rendering are becoming essential tools for architecture conception and representation. The purpose of this workshop is to give designers the opportunity to use game engines to produce virtual environments that possess real architectural qualities. By using source control and cloud storage, participants will be able to work simultaneously on a unique and collaborative production that they will then be able to visit using a virtual reality headset. Participants will be strongly encouraged to explore different types of interactions and architectural constraints, all specific to virtual spaces.

Software : Unreal Engine

Tool : VR HMD

Teacher : Oswald PFEIFFER

Mathieu VENOT

Location : ENSA Versailles

Year : 2017


WEBSITE : DMS2017 Worshop5

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