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Second internship in digital fabrication office, specialized in 3D printing.

Tutoring for 1 week on the 20th Century Fox Fant4stic Summer Camp, with young makers and jury selection for first prize at Google France.

Tutoring on Autodesk and 3DHubs Workshops about Fusion 360 design modelling, Special 3D printing filaments and 3D printing application.

Also, teaching and tutoring on 3D printing, CNC milling and Arduino components. Design and order management for the FabShop Design studio.

Parallel working on maintenance, monitoring and management of production orders for 3D printers and CNC Milling.




PDF Brief : FabClub_MathieuVENOT_Brief

leFabClub - leFabShop


Software : Grasshopper3D

Rhinoceros3D / Fusion360


Tool : Lasercutter / 3D Printer

3D Scanner / CNC

Year : 2015

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