Mathieu VENOT

[Naval] || {Computation} || Architecture



First internship in agency oriented research, computational and new technologies.

Working on a Gcode generator for CNC Milling from Grasshopper 3D, 3D Printing technologies and applications (VoxelJet, Stratasys, MakerBot), and Industrial Robotic (ABB) applied to architecture and construction.

Second half working on the ArchiLab 2013 exhibition in Orleans FRAC Centre (3D Modeling and Optimizations with Tristan GOBIN on Grasshopper 3D and 3D Printing prototypes), then material treatments on some physical models for the exposition.



PDF Brief : EZCT_MathieuVENOT_Brief

Centre Pompidou Collection : EZCT Studies on Recursive Lattices

Thibault Schwartz page : EZCT FRAC

Ductal page : 9th ArchiLab


Software : Grasshopper3D

Rhinoceros3D / HAL

Tool : Lasercutter / 3D Printer

Robotic Arm

Year : 2013

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