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// Multi-User Cobotics Simulation in VR applied construction

(With Oswald PFEIFFER)

Two days leading the workshop 11 on Advances in Architectural Geometry Event at Zurich (CH), in partnership with HAL Robotics ltd.


The purpose of the workshop is to use virtual reality as a simulation tool for cobotics construction by taking advantage of the intuitive interactions and perception of space that this technology offers. An architectural element will first be designed by the participants using Grasshopper before being streamed to Unity3D. They will then have to guide virtual 6 axis robots via immersive tools (virtual reality headsets and hand tracking devices) in order to simulate the construction process. The simulated constraints, such as gravity, will invite participants to integrate assembly logic and chronology aspects to exploit the feedback of these virtual experimentations for improving their design intentions. The major goal of this workshop is to explore and thus try to redefine collaborative interactions between humans and robots in a construction site context, where human workers would not have to be physically exposed to hazardous operations.

Software : DixieVR / Unity3D Grasshopper3D / Rhinoceros3D / HAL

Tool : VR HMD / Hand Tracker

Teacher : Oswald PFEIFFER

Mathieu VENOT

Location : ETH Zurich

Year : 2016


WEBSITE : AAG2016 Worshop11

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