Mathieu VENOT

[Naval] || {Computation} || Architecture

_3D Design : architectural, naval, mechanical and design objects.


Software preferences : Rhinoceros3D - Grasshopper3D



_3D Printing : fused deposition modeling with PLA filaments.


3D Printer : MakerBot Replicator Dual



_Digital Tutoring : more information on TEACHING page.


Topics : Softwares (CAD/CAM), Scripting (C#, Java, Web), Tools (Digital Fabrication)



_Naval Studies : ship design, stability analysis and resistance prediction.


Software preferences : Rhinoceros3D - Grasshopper3D (Nemo, Orca3D), Maat Hydro



_Prototyping : digital fabrication, electronic and interactive devices.


Tools : 3D Printing, Arduino DIY, Industrial Robotics, Laser Cutting



_Rendering : stylized, real-time rendering or virtual tour (Virtual Reality on demand).


Software preferences : Rhinoceros3D, Enscape




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