Mathieu VENOT

[Naval] || {Computation} || Architecture

_Naval Architecture : parametric modeling, tool development and ship design.


Computational methods, form finding and hull optimization.

CAD tools programming for automation and interoperability.

Inland or offshore environment, sailboat or motorship from pleasure craft to service vessel.


_Marine Engineering : digital manufacturing, stability analysis and resistance prediction.


Complex shapes rationalization, developable surfaces and automatic cutting layout.

Hydrostatics and windage analysis, intact or damaged stability and criteria verification.

Hydrodynamics computation using CFD code, potential solver and statistical regressions.



_Interactive Rendering : stylized, real-time rendering or virtual tour.


Deliverables as images, videos or executables.

Cinematic path, first person view or virtual reality.



Software : Rhinoceros3D (Enscape, Orca3D), Grasshopper3D (Nemo), Fine/Marine, Maat Hydro

Tools : VR Ready Laptop, HTC Vive Headset




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